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Subject: Important Meeting on the Future of Interoperability Demonstrations -- all members are encouraged to attend

Dear OASIS Members,


All OASIS Emergency Management members are encouraged to join the next EM Adoption Events & Demos Sub-committee (E&DSC) meeting for a discussion on the future of OASIS Emergency Interoperability Demonstrations and Exercises.  With support for DM-OPEN 1.0 ending July 1st and the replacement of IPAWS-OPEN 2.0, it is the E&DSC’s goal to poll members in the hopes of finding out how many plan to implement IPAWS-OPEN 2.0 (and when).  Since our most recent demonstrations integrated DM-OPEN 1.0, it is vitally important for us to gage how many members will be ready and available to support any future demonstration using IPAWS-OPEN 2.0. 

FYI:  Future demonstrations currently under consideration include: 


NIEM Training Event 2011, August in Philadelphia, PA

IAEM Conference & EMEX Exposition 2011, November in Las Vegas, NV


In order for the E&DSC to continue their support of interoperability demonstrations in 2011, it is essential that vendor applications support the new interface.  In addition, EAS encoders must support CAP-EAS by September of this year.  EAS encoders will be polling IPAWS-OPEN for the EAS-CAP messages. If members are seeking to participate in EAS, they will need to support CAP-EAS, as well as IPAWS-OPEN by the September timeframe.


Please join us on Thursday, 21 April for a brief discussion on the above.  We look forward to your participation.  (Conference call information are listed below.) 


Kind regards, Jane


Conference Call-in Details:

(800) 320-4330

Pin 425364 #



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