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Subject: CAP-AP Question 2 - Clarification of CAP interaction with TSO and GLIDE NUMBER

As highlighted in the EM-TC Meeting Notes from March 29, 2011 (Item 4), this question is the second of two questions originally identified in the Australian "Request For Assistance - CAP-AP Development" document that I posted on the EM-TC website on 2011-03-18.  

I wish to survey EM-TC members regarding  any experiences that individual members may possess with interoperations between CAP and one other messaging protocol and an identifier numbering scheme that the Australian CAP-AP project has been made aware of.

Question 2) Confirm how OASIS CAP interoperates [or is proposed to interoperate] with the following:

a) Tactical Situation Object (TSO)
Refer http://www.oasisfp6.org/documents/OASIS_TA21_DDD_041_DSF_1_4_pub.pdf

b) GLobal IDEntifier number (GLIDE) 
Refer http://www.glidenumber.net/glide/public/about.jsp 

Preferred deadline to receive responses to this question is no later than 31st May 2011.

Background information:
The Australian CAP-AP Project is seeking to develop an understanding of where and how this protocol and identifier scheme are used with CAP, in order to consider whether there is a need to introduce these items to Australian CAP Users.

Thank you in advance for any comments you are willing to contribute in response to this question.


Greg Trott
CAP-AP Project Manager

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