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emergency message

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Subject: Google and Group for CAP discussion



Although Google has been members of OASIS for some time, they have now joined the EM-TC.  I’d like to welcome Steve Hakusa, a Software Engineer with from Google, to our committee.  Steve did a presentation with Prem Ramaswami at the CAP workshop last month in Geneva (http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/www/ISS/Meetings/WIS-CAP_Geneva2011/Google.pdf).  Google has been doing some tremendous work in the crisis response area.  We are glad to have Steve join our group and look forward to his input to our work.


You might be interested to join cap-google@googlegroups.org.  There is a posting of testimony given by Google to Congress this week calling for a new Technology office at FEMA.  There is also opportunity to respond to questions they were asked of Congress for which a response is due June 23. 




Elysa Jones, Chair




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