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emergency message

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Subject: SitRep Update


With the gmlSimpleFeatures successfully completing vote pending minor revision to be completed this week, only one final component is required in order to submit EDXL-SitReps to the EM-TC for vote as Committee Draft, and then to public comment.  The ability to create and/or update select NIMS Incident Command System (ICS) forms is a key requirement for SitReps.  An appendix will contain an example mapping between the schema and the ICS 209 form (determined the best example per practitioners) along with a sample xslt demonstrating one way data received via this standard might be used to populate / create this driver ICS forms.


MITRE took on the task of completing groundwork done by Rob Torchon.  Estimated completion of the draft is this Friday June 10 COB.  Assuming review of that example goes well, the SitRep Committee Draft may be ready to submit to the EM-TC during the WE June 17.  From there time-line depends upon review time required by the EM-TC and time to address any questions or comments.


Tim Grapes


(703) 304-4829

If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend four hours sharpening the ax.
-Abraham Lincoln


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