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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Symbol for CAP

Am 09.06.2011 17:56, schrieb Elysa Jones:
> Friends,
> As I presented after the CAP workshop and again mentioned in the EM-TC
> meeting this week, there is a need of a symbol for CAP to be used on
> maps as well as for web service CAP feeds. Just this past week Simon
> Elliot of EUMETSAT asked if we had made any progress on this action.
> Does anyone of our TC members with to make a contribution of symbols as
> requested for CAP? If so or if you have any input on this topic, please
> respond.


I think we must differentiate between usage in maps and usage in feeds. 
In most map based applications the symbol in the map will indicate the 
event (e.g. tsunami, bush fire, etc.) and not the type of underlying 
communication protocol.

However, for CAP RSS feeds a unified symbol is a very good idea. The RSS 
icon is well-known, therefore I propse to create a CAP feed icon which 
is similar an which re-uses elements of the RSS icon.

Please find attached two drafts just to give an impression.

Whichever icon will be selected, it must be scalable to 32x32 pixel 
without getting illegible.


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