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emergency message

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Subject: Draft Schema Version 6


I just uploaded version 6 of the draft schema…



1. Changed to use wd03 of commontypes

2. Changed to use edxl-gsf

3. I had to change a number of the edxl_xpil files in order to not double import xlinks.  Our profile of xPIL doesn’t use xLinks so this is ok.

4. Changed Geo-object to use new EDXLLocationType



1. Figure out where we need geopolitical-location information and figure out how to use CIQ appropriately there

2. Update sample XML files to match new schema

3. Update ICS Example

4. Update documentation to match schema

5. Final schema and example check / verification


We can discuss at 11.


Don McGarry
The MITRE Corp.
(703) 595-9375


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