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emergency message

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Subject: NIEM Training Event | OASIS EI Member Section Reception & Showcase

OASIS Members,

The Emergency Interoperability (EI) Member Section is planning to host a two-hour reception on Wednesday, 24 August at the NIEM Training Event, following the spotlight session that covers some of our EM standards. During this reception, OASIS members are invited to participate in a solution showcase.  This showcase will be integrated into the reception and will provide our members with an opportunity to demonstrate their use of the EM standards. Below is an outline of the showcase participation for your review.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.  

Kind regards,



Event:  OASIS Emergency Interoperability Reception & Showcase at the NIEM Training Event
Date:  Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Time:  4:00-6:00 PM
Location:  Philadelphia Marriott
Room Name:  Salon J - http://www.marriott.com/hotels/event-planning/floor-plans/phldt-philadelphia-marriott-downtown/

Update on Outreach:   We expect roughly 40-50 guests.  I'm working with NIEM, the EI StC, and OASIS staff on invitation outreach.  Donna Roy from DHS has already accepted our invitation and agreed to bring along a few VIP guests. Other invitations are expected to go out this week.  These invitations will be sent to VIP registrants of NIEM, OASIS members, and EM-related prospects.  Any additional suggestions are welcome.

Solution Showcase Participation Information:

What:  A showcase highlighting individual applications and tools that support the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards.

Time:  12:00-2:00 -- showcase setup; 2:00-4:00 -- access open to all NIEM attendees; 4:00-6:00 -- reception, by invitation

Cost:  $300

Price includes:  A showcase workstation including: a table or poster board, chair, internet connectivity, and electricity

To sign-up, please contact Jane Harnad directly.

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