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emergency message

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Subject: EDXLSharp 2.2.0 Now Released! - Now with IPAWS Tools


Our latest version of the EDXLSharp Open Source Project has been released.

We are nearing 2,200 downloads in just over a year!  What a success!


For those that don’t already know:

EDXLSharp is a C# / .NET 4.0 implementation of the OASIS Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) family of standards. This set of libraries can be used to generate, read, and validate CAP, DE, HAVE, RM, SitRep, and TEP messages. EDXLSharp also includes tools for working with EDXL & CAP messages including exchanging data with the FEMA IPAWS system. EDXLSharp includes code for software EDXL-DE based routing application to run on servers for exchanging EDXL-DE Messages. These messages can be placed into RESTful data feeds, federated to other DE-conforming systems, and converted to KML / GeoRSS / Geo Atom.


Version 2.2.0 Includes the following:

·         Library for CAP v1.2

·         Library for Common Types across the EDXL Standards

·         Library for EDXL DE v1.0

·         GUI EDXL-DE Test Tool

·         Library for EDXL-HAVE v1.0

·         Library for EDXL-RM v1.0

·         Library for GeoOASIS Where GML Profile

·         Library for EDXL xPIL Profile

·         Stable Alpha Library for EDXL-SitRep 1.0

·         Stable Alpha Library for EDXL-TEP 1.0

·         Stable Alpha Library for EDXL-HAVE 2.0

·         Libraries to exchange data with the FEMA IPAWS messaging system in both EDXL-DE and CAP


Coming Soon:

·         EDXL libraries for Android & iPhone

·         EDXL apps for Android & iPhone

·         More tools!!!

o   RESTful uploader

o   Plugin framework & examples

·         E-Team adapter framework for EDXL

·         IPAWS 3.0 Code

·         More examples based on our test harness code

·         Full source for the EDXL-DE router code

·         Examples for converting EDXL messages to GeoRSS / KML / Geo-Atom

·         NIEM examples


To download go here: http://edxlsharp.codeplex.com/releases/view/73510

API Documentation now online: http://icnet.mitre.org/Help

Please feel to contact me with questions / feature requests.


Don McGarry
The MITRE Corp.
(703) 595-9375



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