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emergency message

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Subject: FEMA EOC Deploys Desktop Alert MNS Platform!

Dear OASIS Emergency Management TC Members,

I am proud to announce that the FEMA Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center has completed the deployment of the Desktop Alert MNS.  The system utilizes the international message sharing standard Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and FEMA’s IPAWS-OPEN aggregator for sending and receiving messages throughout the United States. 

This will enable the FEMA EOC to be interoperable with disparate incident management software systems throughout the United States and Canada. The Desktop Alert software platform will constantly poll IPAWS-OPEN CAP for messages. This enables the EOC to be at the very crux of every situation possible.

The DTA platform will highlight CAP interoperability between FEMA and nationwide across The National Guard and the Air National Guard.

Additionally, numerous USAF Bases and US Army locations will now have the ability to share in this endeavor.

On behalf of the entire Desktop Alert Team I would like to thank all of the TC members and OASIS contributors whom without, this historic occasion would have not been possible.

We are actively seeking member assistance for help in federating alerts between DoD agencies to first responder alerting channels.

Please email rian.chipman@desktopalert to participate in this expansion process.

Participants will not only be incorporated into new busine$$ opportunities but further the CAP initiative to new levels of achievement!

Thank You!

Howard Ryan
(cell) 973-580-3447



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