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emergency message

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Subject: The Public Review Request asks for Groups to include in email announcement of PR

Hi All,

Thanks to Gary Timm and Tim Grapes for asking a pertinent question that led me to a couple of discoveries.

First, we need to list the organizations which we want to include in the distribution of the OASIS announcement of the Public Review for EDXL-SitRep-v1.0.

Second, it turns out we can go ahead and submit a request before the creation of the CSD despite the fact that at first glance it looks like we need to wait on having a URI for the document. Turns out we can "TBD" it, so I started doing that and ran in the first item.

I'd like to go ahead and get this done today, but I need the emails for the organizations, besides NCOIC which I will take care of, which we want to include in that initial announcement.


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