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emergency message

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Subject: Special Meeting



Rex, Chet and I went over the SitRep submission for public review this week.  We are going to need to have another vote on this submission to clear up some details.  There is no change to the technical work that has already been reviewed and voted.  Chet guaranteed us that he will be able to make the public review announcement as soon as we get this vote accomplished.  I would like to suggest that we have a special meeting for this purpose only on Tues Nov 15 at 12ET.  Please reply if you are a voting member and will NOT available for this meeting.  If you have attended the last two consecutive meetings of the EM-TC, you are a voting member.  If we can get the vote accomplished on this day, the announcement will be made on Wed before IAEM is over.  This meeting should be very short.  Thank you all for your work and attention to this important matter.




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