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emergency message

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Subject: (PR) 45-day Public Review for Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Distribution Element Version 2.0

The OASIS Emergency Management TC [1] members have recently approved a
Committee Specification Draft (CSD) and submitted this specification
for 45-day public review:

Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Distribution Element Version 2.0
Committee Specification Draft 01 / Public Review Draft 01
08 November 2011

Specification Overview:

This Distribution Element 2.0 (DE 2.0) specification describes a
standard message distribution format for data sharing among emergency
information systems. The DE 2.0 serves two important purposes:

(1) The DE 2.0 allows an organization to wrap separate but related
pieces of emergency information, including any of the EDXL message
types, into a single "package" for easier and more useful

(2) The DE 2.0 allows an organization to "address" the package to
organizations or individuals with specified roles, located in
specified locations or those interested in specified keywords.

This version of the DE expands the ability to use local
community-defined terms, uses a profile of the Geographic Markup
Language (GML), follows best practices for naming conventions,
provides the capability to link content objects, and is reorganized
for increased flexibility and reuse of common types. The DE 2.0
packages and addresses emergency information for effective
distribution with improved standardization and tailorability for user

TC Description:

The mission of the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee is
to create incident and emergency-related standards for data
interoperability. The TC welcomes participation from members of the
emergency management community, developers and implementers, and
members of the public concerned with disaster management and response.
Current EM TC efforts include the Emergency Data Exchange Language
(EDXL), a broad initiative to create an integrated framework for a
wide range of emergency data exchange standards to support operations,
logistics, planning and finance. Specific standards include Common
Alerting Protocol (EDXL-CAP), Distribution Element (EDXL-DE), Hospital
AVailability Exchange (EDXL-HAVE), Resource Messaging (EDXL-RM),
Reference Information Model (EDXL-RIM), Situation Reporting
(EDXL-SitRep), and Tracking Emergency Patients (EDXL-TEP).

Public Review Period:

The public review starts Friday, 9 December 2011 and ends 23 January 2011.

This is an open invitation to comment. OASIS solicits feedback from
potential users, developers and others, whether OASIS members or not,
for the sake of improving the interoperability and quality of its
technical work.


The complete package of the prose specification document and related
files are available in the ZIP distribution file at:


Additional information about the specification and the OASIS Emergency
Management TC may be found at the TC's public home page:


Comments may be submitted to the TC by any person through the use of
the OASIS TC Comment Facility which can be located via the button
labeled "Send A Comment" at the top of the TC public home, or directly


Comments submitted by TC non-members for this work and for other work
of this TC are publicly archived and can be viewed at:


All comments submitted to OASIS are subject to the OASIS Feedback
License, which ensures that the feedback you provide carries the same
obligations at least as the obligations of the TC members. In
connection with this public review of Emergency Data Exchange Language
(EDXL)Distribution Element 2.0, we call your attention to the OASIS
IPR Policy [2] applicable especially [3] to the work of this technical
committee. All members of the TC should be familiar with this
document, which may create obligations regarding the disclosure and
availability of a member's patent, copyright, trademark and license
rights that read on an approved OASIS specification. OASIS invites any
persons who know of any such claims to disclose these if they may be
essential to the implementation of the above specification, so that
notice of them may be posted to the notice page for this TC's work.

========== Additional references:

[1] OASIS Emergency Management TC

[2] http://www.oasis-open.org/who/intellectualproperty.php

[3] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/emergency/ipr.php
RF on RAND mode

Best Regards,

Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-378-3472
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393

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