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emergency message

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Subject: CAP - Australia Profile



The CAP Profiles SC has been working on the disposition of the 24 comments received from the public review of the CAP-AU Profile.  There were no substantive comments that were relevant to the Profile.  The corrections made to the document fix errors, and update notes and examples to better the document.  Therefore, we will need to have another 15 day PR.


The issues list (managed via spread sheet instead of JIRA due to tight schedule) has been posted to the SC.  SC members will be reviewing the proposed dispense of comments over the weekend as well as the red-line changes to the Profile document.  There will be an SC meeting Monday 4-5ET for final review and approval of the changes.  If you have any questions or comments about the issue resolution, please post to the CAP Profile SC as soon as possible so that we can handle any concerns before the meeting.


The EM-TC is expected to be asked to vote the new resulting CSD and PRD during our meeting Tuesday.


Thank you,


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