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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] OGC Xlink schema change - implications for GML profiles

Thanks Carl,

I hope you are not being threatened by the wildfire in your state.

I believe Jeff Waters has done extensive checking on XLink as it is included in the EDXL-DE v2.0 we are working on.


On 7/3/2012 7:39 AM, Carl Reed wrote:
Dear EM TC -
For the last 9 months, the OGC members have been discussing a transition from the OGC XLink schema to the new W3C XLink 1.1 schema. Back in 2000 when the OGC first needed XLink for GML, the W3C did not have an approved schema. So, the OGC defined their own schema based on the W3C XLink recommendation. Last year several market forces, such as US Government procurement requirements, dictated that we switch to the W3C XLink 1.1 schema. Last week I developed an overview letter with updated information on the transition. Based on Member feedback, I also wrote an XLink transition FAQ. The FAQ is a living document that I can updated based on feedback and additional information.

The letter is here:


and the FAQ is here:


I am not sure what the impacts might be to the EDXL schema. I do know that GML instance documents are OK and require no changes. The letter describes the location of the OGC beta schemas. The actual transition date is July 21. Apologies for the late notification but the beta schemas were not ready until mid June and the final Member approval just occurred two weeks ago.

Thanks and regards
Carl Reed, PhD
CTO and Executive Director Standards Program
Open Geospatial Consortium

The OGC: Making Location Count!


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