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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Open Floor Plans, Building Telemetry, and BIM

Thanks, Toby.

Some information that may be of interest and provides the perspective from which the OGC will review the COBie Lite specification.

The OGC, the IETF and ISO (and I suspect others) have standards activities related indoor maps, location, navigation, and floor plans. The work of these three standards organizations is coordinated. For the OGC, this work started in December 2009 with a special one day indoor location and open floor plan summit: http://www.ogcnetwork.net/node/624 . Since then, the OGC has pursued a number of specific standards activities related to indoor location, modeling, navigation, and floor plans: http://www.opengeospatial.org/pressroom/pressreleases/1537. InDoorGML is designed to be consistent (harmonized with) CityGML, an OGC standard for modeling 3d urban content (and also consistent with BIM). CityGML is widely used in a number of European nations and has recently become a national standard in the Netherlands and is implemented in numerous GIS and CAD products.

ISO TC 211 is working a standard for consistent expression and modeling of spatial reference systems (as opposed to coordinate reference systems). The requirement is seamless navigation from say an outdoor environment to an indoor environment. Emergency services is a driving use case.

As to telemetry, the OGC has a broad suite of sensor web enablement standards that have been implemented for a variety of in-building applications. These standards allow for the description (metadata) of a sensor including processes, tasking a sensor, requesting observations (measurements) from a sensor, and modeling observations in a consistent manner .

From: Toby Considine
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 7:39 AM
To: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Deborah MacPherson
Subject: [emergency] Open Floor Plans, Building Telemetry, and BIM

BIM is something big, fat and process-driven. COBie, meant to be an interchange format has been hampered by formatted in EXPRESS (ISO10303-21). No one wants to process that or use it or validate it. NIBS and the IFC Process have been working with hard to adopt, hard to promulgate standards for some time. (There is nothing wrong with EXPRESS – it’s simply unfashionable today, enterprise and service interactions have gone another direction)

Last summer, CERL used the OASIS CAM Specification to create clean schemas that are ready for service interactions. The results are NIEM conformant, which means ready for enterprise integration.


This TC has an identified interest in Open Floor Plans, currently more an aspiration than a specification. To my mind, Open Floor Plans has several elements.

1) There is a UI element, to describe the spatial stuff. How many rooms on the 4th floor? Where is room 208? Which rooms share the same ventilation?

2) There is a descriptive element. This could be a formal profile of COBie Light

3) There is an ongoing telemetry issue, including a need for BIM-derived metadata in the telemetry. oBIX and the Energy Services / Streams notions described in WS-Calendar and in Energy Interoperation can each serve the telemetry. A subset schema of COBie Lite could provide the metadata.

There are certainly other valid opinions on how to fit this together. In any case, I recommend that TC members interested in this portion of Building-Emergency situation awareness submit comments on the COBie Lite specification, now out for initial public review.


"If something is not worth doing, it`s not worth doing well" - Peter Drucker

Toby Considine
TC9, Inc

TC Chair: oBIX & WS-Calendar

TC Editor: EMIX, EnergyInterop

U.S. National Inst. of Standards and Tech. Smart Grid Architecture Committee

Email: Toby.Considine@gmail.com
Phone: (919)619-2104

blog: www.NewDaedalus.com

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