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emergency message

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Subject: About "borrowing" elements from edxl specs.

As promised at the Dec. 04 EM-TC, I would like to follow up with a draft statement intended for inclusion in the conformance section of all EDXL specifications.

The problem (originated from CAP): we feel that we need to counter an emerging practice of borrowing individual elements from EDXL specifications, wrapping them in non-edxl messages and yet calling the result an EDXL message.

The proposal: I have crafted the following draft statement that I plan to add at the end of the Conformance section in the TEP specification:
"Note: only messages that fully comply with the EDXL-TEP specification may be referred to as “TEP Message”. In particular no individual elements borrowed from the specification or non-compliant message wrappers around such elements may be called “TEP Message”."

Obviously this statement will need to be adapted for the intended specification(s) and I'll be looking also for a more generic form to be included on the TC website. But for now let's just get the proposed wording in order.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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