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emergency message

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Subject: IF-SC meeting today at 11ET - moving DE 2.0 forward

Sorry for the triple post – but want everyone to be aware of the meeting today.


This is a reminder that there will be a meeting of the IF-SC today that may be of interest to all members.  We will discuss the DE 2.0 now that it has completed public review.  We anticipated a comment would be submitted regarding the layer extension concept but that has not happened.  As that idea came from within the TC, I wanted everyone to be aware that the comment has not been submitted.  There has been no additional postings that I can find indicating this change needed for DE2.0.  However, I want to be sure we are all in agreement as to the best way to move the DE forward.  If you have an interest in this topic, please be on the call or post a reply to this note with your input.  If we are all happy with the DE as it is, we will vote it out of the SC and it will be up to the EM-TC to vote to advance it to a Committee Specification and the remaining process to OASIS Standard.


Kind regards,


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