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emergency message

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Subject: March 4-11 Push

TEP members,


We have had a bit of a lull in our coordinated TEP activities after great results from the HL7 working group meeting.  The stars are aligning for a strong push this coming week Mar 4-11.  Werner, our editor is going to be able to focus on TEP for this one week then will have to be heads-down on another task until May.  TN DoH has indicated they will have a resource to devote to help write the implementation guide (IG).  My hope is that we can push hard with a focused effort this coming week to get the WD ready for the TCs next meeting March 12 or no later than March 26.  Here is what needs to get done:



1.       Technical.  Complete and review WD doc, recommend to TC for CSD and CSPRD.  Werner to provide specifics and tasks to those available to help.

2.       Communication.  Reach out to practitioners and others that can support development of the IG.

3.       Process.  Develop detailed schedule with contingencies for process to meet the goal PSS goal of a Sept ballot.  It is understood this is not trivial as we must be able to include comment resolution with two different standards bodies.  This is an acknowledged risk in meeting schedule due to this. 

4.       OASIS/HL7 interaction.  Determine and confirm with both organizations the document template to be used for the IG.  Finalize wording on boilerplates and copyright portions of the join document.

5.       Publicity.  Work with OASIS and HL7 staff to coordinate joint and appropriate announcements, monitor and support any presentations/events


Brian and Lizzie, are you available to provide WD support next week?  I will dedicate some time to tasks 3 and 4.  I’m hopeful that someone else will help out with publicity.  Who else is available to help out?  Perhaps we can ask adoption for someone to begin working this, Camille?    


EM and EMA-TC Members,


You see the TEP SC is considering a push next week to get the ball rolling on TEP.  Please be aware of this work and prepared to review soon.  If you want to have input at the SC level, please stay tuned to the list as there may be review opportunities or topics discussed you wish to weigh in on.  Let’s do what we can to get this done and see this through to a first OASIS/HL7 standard – and one that addresses a real problem in today’s world.




Elysa Jones



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