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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] ISO-TC223 Report 22351

Hi Again Elysa,

Now that I have the document in pdf form (required a bit of updating my various copies of Adobe Reader once I finally got it downloaded correctly), it is virtually the same as the TSO I have commented on previously.

Briefly: the codelist - part 2 of TSO is retained, so we can use that set as ValueLists for working with countries that adopt the use of the ISO Standard. The message structure as previously contained in TSO is retained. In my opinion that was an unfortunate attempt to create a one-size-fits-all emergency message. However, it is usable to share information in a fairly immediate way without much care for later uses of that information.

The problem with that is that tracking things like resources, casualties, displaced people will be more of a challenge without the kind of specification-per-function found in EDXL. Simply attaching messageIDs and messageRefs won't help with the inevitable audit trail needed to assess effectiveness and recover costs once the incident has been responded to and mitigated to the point that resources are returning to their original owners. Needless to say, after action reports will likely rely on anecdotes without the Statistics being automatically collected to back up the Analytics.

Of course, brilliant application writers can do all that, eventually. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it can be done the way our specs allow, and almost require. Building flexible, semantically coordinated databases is likely to be difficult compared to the way EDXL works. However, all that will require quite a bit of work regardless of which specs are written to. I haven't had time to check on how the codelists match up to previous versions, but using them within EDXL should not be a difficult problem.

I probably won't have time to fill out a comment form today, but may be able to do that tomorrow.

Best Regards,

On 3/5/2013 5:38 AM, Elysa Jones wrote:



ISO 223 has submitted a draft for comment of their message structure for information exchange between emergency management organizations.  It includes a packaged situation awareness component and is quite far along in their process.  I appreciate that Dennis Gusty provided this to us as we may not have otherwise been made aware.  The comment request says comments are due by 3/6 – tomorrow!  However there is one place in the internal document that says 3/8 and Denis said we may have a little longer.  The two documents are posted in the EM-TC repository in the Contributions Folder for your review.

This is a bit frustrating for me as we responded very clearly to ISO in October of 2010 that we had a work in progress (Situation Reporting) when they publicly requested information on this work item.  The letter we sent was agreed to by our EM-TC as balloted 26 Oct 2010 and can be reviewed at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency/download.php/39892/ISO%20Response.doc.


I am copying Jamie Clark also who is our liaison with ISO.  As I reported in my HL7 meeting report, I spent time with the ISO TC215 Secretariat Lisa Spellman as we were panellists on the Standards Panel at the meeting.  She was very interested in our real-world work uniting emergency response to health care with TEP.  She spent time with me later to review the EDXL standards development process.  Lisa is also the US TAG Administrator.  I intend to reach out to her as well regarding this report.  Perhaps our letter did not get to the right people?  Perhaps ignored?  We have long talked about how important it is to have a representative on the ISO/TC223 but we have not had the bandwidth.


Please post any thoughts or comments as a reply to this email.  After I’ve heard from you, we will determine if a special meeting is in order to discuss or whether we should respond.  Hopefully we will also have guidance from OASIS as well.



Elysa Jones, Chair



Rex Brooks
1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-898-0670

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