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Subject: Thoughts on EDXL-DE and SitRep



We have worked hard getting SitRep1 and DE2 ready for an organizational vote and we currently have a ballot open for the purpose of approving these works as a Committee Specification.  If this passes, the next steps are obtaining statements of use then agreeing (again by special majority) to begin the 60-day review prior to organizational wide balloting. 


Discussion over the past several months regarding a “standard” extension method for all of our specifications has been ongoing.  These discussion are best documented in the RIM-SC.  TC members have been made aware of this discussion and invited to participate and stay in touch as it could affect all of our work.  I’ll not repeat any of that discussion here but ask you to keep it in mind as you make your decision about SitRep1 and DE2.


You may recall there were two versions of the DE2 being worked – one with the layer-extension concept and one without.  We decided to go forward without at this time but all agreed we should keep it in mind and find some way to incorporate later - perhaps through common types.  Some of our members are concerned with releasing DE (as well as SitRep) without this extension concept and then trying to make a change later would be problematic.  We all know how long changes can take and we are anxious to get this work out.  We learned in the last couple of weeks that this extension method would solve some issues with TEP as well.  So, after considering putting this in TEP, it has re-opened the discussion about DE and SitRep in some circles.


The bottom line here is that we have members that are re-thinking whether we need to put either of these standards out without this extension concept.  We have sufficient votes today to move the as they are to Committee Specification.  The ballot closes tomorrow.  If we wish to add “extensions” to DE2 and SitRep, we will have to make not only changes to the document and back through public review again.


Personally, having a “standardized” extension method across all our standards is very appealing to me.  However, delaying SitRep and DE2 concerns me if it is going to take another year.  If it can be completed in 6 months, it concerns me a little less - but only if sufficient resources are available to turn this around quickly.  Basically DE2 has already been done and there is a WD version with it included.  I’m not sure about how much time it would take to add it to SitRep.


Please respond to this note with your thoughts.




Elysa Jones, Chair


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