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emergency message

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Subject: CAP 1.2 and ITU



As we approach the upcoming CAP workshop, an update request from the ITU community has been brought to my attention regarding the status of OASIS input of  CAP 1.2 for revision of X.1303.


As most of you know we have had an issue with how to go forward with this due to a number of things.  A short summary is provided below.


1.       CAP 1.1 was presented to ITU; ITU requested ASN.1 schema to be added; CAP 1.1 errata created to add ASN.1 resulted in X.1303.

2.       All was well but there was an error in the ASN.1; as that is normative, an errata could not correct, a version would be required.

3.       CAP 1.2 comes along with various minimum updates and corrections (to XML schema) but the addition of the “avoid” response type is a substantive change to ASN.1

4.       CAP 1.2 is published, much update adoption but ASN.1 is still broken.


I discussed this dilemma with Paul Knight of TC admin this morning and would like for you to consider the following.  We create a CAP 1.3 that changes nothing more than to correct the ASN.1.  This document would go through the full Standard ratification process.  Once it becomes a Standard, we would offer it up to ITU for them to issue a corresponding recommendation.


Please consider this possible path forward for discussion on our next call.


Kind regards,


Elysa Jones, Chair


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