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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC meeting today



Greetings from Geneva and the CAP workshop!  We have a good turnout here and it is great to see the progress with CAP around the world.  There are a few of us from the EM-TC here that will join the meeting at about 12:30 EDT time – we are hoping to start early but not very likely as we will just be wrapping up our sessions here at that time (6:30pm Geneva).  Our brief meeting will focus on three topics:

1.       Ballot for CAP 1.2 à ITU

2.       Comments and discussion regarding TEP

3.       Next steps with the common extension mechanism

4.       Reminder of CAP SC meeting following the workshop tomorrow topics:

a.       Who will join the SC and support this effort (we will have people here that are not OASIS members that will join the meeting as subject matter experts.  We hope to generate some interest in this community to join and participate in our work.

b.      Maintenance of profiles – Greg Trott, AU

c.       Future of CAP – Steve Hakusa, Google

d.      Interest in a common extension method like being considered for EDXL

We will forego meeting note review for this meeting and catch up next time. 


See you all soon,


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