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emergency message

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Subject: Version Control Commit by darrell.odonnell

Author: darrell.odonnell
Date: 2013-04-24 05:46:05 -0400 (Wed, 24 Apr 2013)
New Revision: 6
Web View: https://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/emergency/?rev=6&sc=1


Schema Changes:
* made defaultLanguage attribute in <HAVE> element MANDATORY
* applied FreeTextType throughout.
* changed names of EmergencyDepartmentType sub-elements to simplify (removed ed prefix)
* changed "facilityOperations" to "operations" and used generic OperationsType with ValueKey instead of specialized elements for clinical, facility, security, and emergency management (and other) operations.
* created FreeTextType and applied it (liberally)
* renamed facilityResources to resources
* renamed facilityStaffingLevels to staffingLevels
* changed ServiceListItemType sub-elements to remove service prefix.
* ServiceCapacityCodeStatus - CHANGED to CapacityType and changed type to edxl-ct:ValueKeyType to support nameURI/value pairs (RATIONALE: much simpler and extensible.
* deleted CapacityCodeStatusDefaultValues-HOLD
* removed ext:extension sub-element from ServiceListItemType
* changed ResourceStatusType/resources/resourcesInformationText to FreeTextType
* deleted ClinicalStatusType (not used)
* added comments to StaffingLevelType
* removed CommentType (use was replaced throughout with FreeTextType)
* changed ColourStatusType/colourStatusDescription - name is statusDescription and type is FreeTextType
* deleted StaffingCodeDefaultValues-HOLD (unused)
* deleted ServiceCodeDefaultValues-HOLD (unused)
* deleted CapacityCodeStatusDefaultValues-HOLD (unused)
* deleted SecurityStatusCodeDefaultValues-HOLD (unused)
* created OperationType
* created FreeTextType and AlternateTextType

* StaffingLevelsType - doesn't allow for quantity (just codes)
* FacilityCapacityType - doesn't allow for quantity (just codes)
* CapabilityType - still not implemented - QUESTION: Is this needed? (with Services and Operations is this concept covered?)
* FacilityType.location - need a WGS84 concept or an implementation note that where non WGS84 is used a WGS84 should be provided as well (IDEA: refactor GeoLocationType to have a WGS84 and a list of alternates?)

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