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emergency message

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Subject: Stay tuned!



You have all been made aware that the TEP SC has been working hard on the TEP 1.0 working draft in hopes to have it ready for public review prior to the HL7 working group.  Versions of the draft have been available for your review for the last several weeks.  There has been open discussions in the TC to regarding consideration of a common extension method.  This solved problems in the TEP spec and the SC members have worked diligently to incorporate this into the draft.  With everyone aware of the work over the past months, there has been no disagreement with the direction.  Everyone should be ready to receive the SC recommendation at this time.


There is a version of the document posted by editor Werner Joerg to the TEP list for review by the SC today.  The SC could agree today that the working draft is ready to advance to a Committee Specification Draft and Public Review Draft.  If that happens, I would like to call a special meeting of the EM-TC to consider this recommendation and vote accordingly.


Please let me know if you are a voting member and would NOT be able to make a meeting at 12ET tomorrow 5/3/2013.


Thank you,


Elysa Jones, Chair


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