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emergency message

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Subject: Two EDXL standards expected to be the subject of the EM-TEC SC

TO: EM-TEC members and interested persons,

I will be requesting two document templates for the EM TEC Subcommittee, as specified in the EDX-TEC "Requirements Statement and Draft Messaging Specification (attached; also uploaded to the Kavi EM-TEC Documents page in the "Contributions" folder):

  1. Client tracking exchange: A standard data exchange between state, local, tribal and federal systems used to assist the evacuation of clients. Exchanged information supports client tracking from point of encounter with professionals, through disposition at a shelter or other location, providing real-time information to responders, emergency management, coordinating organizations and shelter facilities involved in incidents and the chain of non-medical care, services and transport.

  2. Client registry Exchange: A standard data exchange between the many federal, private industry and NGO “Registry” systems in place today, facilitating the ability for any one registry system to contain the combined information of many registry systems. All of these systems support the same specific and unique purpose – allowing “clients” to register or update their current location and status; thereby providing loved ones and supporting agencies rich “people-finding” data sources.
    The TEC Registry Exchange, based upon the existing People Finder Interchange Format (PFIF), is designed to be a standard format for passing data
    records used to add or create new records in one or more receiving registry systems, to update existing records, to delete records, and to specify rules which define whether a particular record may be promulgated beyond the immediate receiving system.  

Please look at this doc if you will be helping the subcommittee develop these specifications (and please join the EM-TEC if you haven't done so already!).

I expect PFIF to form the basis for the second specification. Here are some snippets from the doc describing the Client Registry Exchange standard and how PFIF intersects with it"

"...The desire and requirement addressed in this [TEC Client Registry Exchange] specification facilitates the transition of PFIF into EDXL with required and enhancements, to facilitate SDO governance of a Registry System data exchange standard for broad-based exchange of data between any person registry systems.

The TEC Client Registry Exchange provides the ability for automated sharing of new or updated information in a standard format with other exchange partner registry systems, where the date is used to add or updates records in each receiving system. Thus a registry system receiving standard information exchanges from several other systems will contain many more records for people to search and find their loved ones." 

Next TEC SC meeting is 9 AM Pacific Wednesday, June 19.

Hope to meet you there.

Tony Mancuso

chair, EM-TEC SC

Attachment: EDXL-TEC-RqmtsdraftMessagingSpec-DRAFT v1 5.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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