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Subject: CAP-AU Agenda Item for July 16 EM-TC call [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]




At the June 18, 2013 EM-TC meeting, various Members agreed to participate in a review of changes proposed in a redlined CAP-AU Profile document posted on Kavi on June 11, 2013, and provide feedback to me prior to the July 16 EM-TC call.


I have received feedback from Darrell O’Donnell, Norm Paulsen and Gary Ham.  Their comments are collated in the attached document titled “CAP-AU v1-1 Feedback from EM-TC Review.pdf”.  I have inserted various comment bubbles to state my observations or proposed actions regarding the feedback.


The attached redlined document contains the final insertions and deletions that I wish to propose for EM-TC ratification.  These changes are being proposed in response to:

(i) changes approved by the Australian CAP-AU-STD Change Advisory Board (CAB); and

(ii) feedback from the review activity undertaken by various EM-TC Members in June – July 2013.


One question that could not be resolved was whether the CS01 number should be incremented to CS02.  The OASIS configuration manager may be best placed to decide what CS number is appropriate for this revised version 1.1 profile document.


The comment bubbles in the redlined CAP-AU document contain outstanding questions about various document properties that I believe the OASIS configuration manager will be able to action during the document release process.


Accordingly, the action I wish to seek from the July 16, 2013 EM-TC meeting is EM-TC agreement that the attached CAP-AU Profile Revision 1.1 document is acceptable, and is released as soon as possible by OASIS as a new revision to the CAP-AU Profile.





Greg Trott 

CAP-AU Custodian for the Australian Government standard for Common Alerting Protocol

Australian Government Attorney-General's Department


Download the CAP-AU-STD from www.em.gov.au/CapAuStd




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Attachment: CAP-AU Profile Revision 1.1 (edxl-cap1.2-au-v1.1-cs01).DOC
Description: CAP-AU Profile Revision 1.1 (edxl-cap1.2-au-v1.1-cs01).DOC

Attachment: CAP-AU v1-1 Feedback from EM-TC Review.pdf
Description: CAP-AU v1-1 Feedback from EM-TC Review.pdf

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