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emergency message

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Subject: Groups - edxl-cap1_2-au-v1_0-csd03.DOCX uploaded

Submitter's message
This revision reflects use of web URLs to replace URNs that were previously used to specify the unique location of managed lists referred to within the CAP-AU Profile. USe of URLs is consistent with RFC3121 and edxl-extensions-v1.0-wd01.

RFC3121 stipulates that OASIS is committed to maintaining the accessibility and persistence of all the resources that are assigned URNs. OASIS only maintain the edxl-cap1.2-au-v1.0-cs01; therefore, it is only this document that should be assigned a URN.

The managed lists that Australia maintains independently of OASIS should be identified by a unique web URL where the document can be accessed. Using a URL will achieve this requirement to locate the managed lists (like the AUeventLIST) in a unique location.
-- Greg Trott
Document Name: edxl-cap1_2-au-v1_0-csd03.DOCX

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Submitter: Greg Trott
Group: OASIS Emergency Management TC
Folder: Contributions
Date submitted: 2013-08-08 18:15:38
Revision: 1

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