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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] OGC / NIEM at TC call 1/14/2014

Title: OGC / NIEM at TC call 1/14/2014
Happy New Year EM-TC members,
Thank you Tim for sending out the reminder and also for arranging to have Lew present.  I encourage everyone to join.  As discussed in December, NIEM has successfully embraced the OGC Standards and Lew will be reporting on that work.  We thought perhaps this would pave the way for our EM-TC standards.
I will also provide an update on the Standards Coordinating Council meeting that I was invited to attend.  Coordination between NIEM and the EM domain will be one of the priorities for the coming year.  I will describe the I2F (ISE {Information Sharing Environment} Interoperability Framework) and our opportunity to comment.   
I am encouraged about our year ahead and the opportunities for interoperability.  Start you year right my joining the EM-TC call on Tuesday, Jan 14 12 noon ET.
Warm regards,
Elysa Jones, Chair

On Friday, January 10, 2014 3:07 PM, Timothy Grapes <tgrapes@hotmail.com> wrote:
This is a reminder that Lew Leinenweber, Director of Interoperability Programs with the OGC will join our upcoming EM-TC call this Tuesday the 14th I sent him a reminder which he has confirmed.  I’d also like to offer a suggestion as to our approach to that call.
After re-stating our purpose and interest in Lews visit, I expect the TC would like him to begin with an initial overview of how the OGC has worked with NIEM both from a governance and technical perspective, what they accomplished, and an assessment of their experience working together Then open it up for member questions
I know we already have ideas about how we’d like to work with NIEM 3.0, but given Lews knowledge of and participation with OASIS in the past, perhaps wrap up with input about opportunities where the EM-TC and NIEM 3.0 might do the same.
Alternatively, we could submit concise questions to Elysa and have her facilitate the discussion if desired.
Timothy Grapes

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