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emergency message

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Subject: Version Control Commit by darrell.odonnell

Author: darrell.odonnell
Date: 2014-02-08 17:50:58 +0000 (Sat, 08 Feb 2014)
New Revision: 16
Web View: https://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/emergency/?rev=16&sc=1

   * ADD: equivalentCode (under ServiceType- to allow an external system to indicate the equivalent code in another system. Allows 1?\226?\128?\166n
   * ADD: traumaCenterType - added new Type and assigned to facility child (traumaCenter) to handle Trauma Center details that are unique (primarily level).
   * CHANGE: changed ServiceListItemType name to ServiceType. This is much more consistent with the approach to date.
   * CHANGE: GeoLocationType - the srsName attribute for both wgs84Location and geoLocationExtended are now required (was optional).
   * CHANGE: ServiceCodeDefaultType - fleshed out the values using taxonomy based on type.subtype. HAVE1.0 and known ?\226?\128?\156used in the wild?\226?\128?\157 items are in. NOTE: the transport services were not carried forward as they are handled well elsewhere for the facility description.
   * ADD: created a spreadsheet for managing the codes. See CODES-and-LOOKUP.xlsx. It builds out the enumeration and annotation XML for pasting into the XSD. So far SERVICES are in. OPERATIONS 
   * CHANGE: ResourceInformationType.resources had an ALL construct, now a SEQUENCE. The cardinality was whacked out due to the ALL but is fine now.

   * serviceType has an extension capability - is this needed/warranted?
   * Extensions - should we review these?

   * ServiceCodeDefaultType is an edxl-ct:ValueType - which is an xs:string. Given the approaches elsewhere shouldn?\226?\128?\153t this be an xs:token? IDEA: RAISE to RIM.

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