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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Proposed agenda items for our next TM TC meeting 3-15-14

Just a thought . . .
Since a revision to CAP is being considered, I would encourage thinking about making CAP more consistent with all of the work done in the IETF community (http://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/geopriv/) that has now been accepted by NENA as part of the i3 architecture standards suite (NextGen 911). Specifically, what is called the Location Object (LO). The LO supports both civic (e.g. address, mile marker) and geodetic (coordinates) locations. The IETF GeoPriv community and now NENA have invested considerable time and consensus building to also develop RFCs (standards) for encoding and expressing location determination,  and so forth. The IETF LO encoding model and mechanism for coordinates is also consistent with NIEM and the EDXL/OASIS GML Simple Profile.
A very detailed i3 architecture and standards document is here:
Check out how points are encoded.
Hope this is helpful!
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 12:42 PM
Subject: [emergency] Proposed agenda items for our next TM TC meeting 3-15-14
I have the following items I'd like to propose for discussion at our next EM-TC meeting:
Item 1. Approval of TEC Client Registry Exchange v 1.0 specification: last_known_address element:
The current EM-TEC Client Registry Exchange spec already supports the ability for automated tools to be able to input the last known location of a client in WGS84 coordinates. To make this clearer, updated the language of the last_known_location field, as follows (changed to the original text in bold):
last_known_location (Unicode string, optional):
A free-form description of the last known location of the person, which can be expressed as geographical coordinates. To specify geographic coordinates in this field, give the latitude in decimal degrees (positive for north), then a comma, then the longitude in decimal degrees (positive for east) . If this field is present, the text field of this note (the next field listed below) should describe HOW the person's location was determined .

text (Unicode string, required):
Free-form text description of the person's current condition, situation and location details, where they were last seen, corrections to other information, and so on. In entry forms, a multi-line text box is appropriate for this field.

Item 2. Discussion of the following issues on the JIRA CAP 1.3/2.0 Issues List (listed under the EDXL CAP project -- we borrowed the CAP AU project, so these have "CAP-AU" as the abbreviated title).
Note that we ask all members to send written comments on this issue to the list to emergency@lists.oasis-open.org (you can reply response to this email). These comments will be copied to JIRA, which will collect all comments prior to a final vote on an issue by the TC. 
Tony Mancuso

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