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emergency message

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Subject: Reminder - EM-TC meeting today



We will have our normally scheduled EM-TC meeting today at 12ET.  I had an unfortunate issue with my computer just after our last meeting and was not able to recover the notes I had from our last meeting March 11.  We did not have any votes as I recall except to approve the corrected meeting notes from the prior meeting. 


An important change we did decide was 1) get corrections to the meeting notes taken care of before the meeting so we can spend less time on this 2) allow the second 30 minutes of each TC call to work through the CAP issues list.  The CAP SC will prioritize, order and track the decisions made.  However, by doing this at the TC we will have a quorum present to discuss and dispense the issues.  Today will be our first call with this format. 


See you on the call,


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