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emergency message

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Subject: Comments on: Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Tracking of Emergency Clients (TEC) Client Registry Exchange Version 1.0

To: EM TC and commentators,

We received two public review comments on the TEC Client Registry Exchange spec (both I believe shortly after the close of the public comment period) -- see http://markmail.org/search/?q=TEC&q=list%3Aorg.oasis-open.lists.emergency-comment#query:TEC%20list%3Aorg.oasis-open.lists.emergency-comment+page:1+mid:olncwrozultb5amc+state:results (from Patrick Durusau) and http://markmail.org/search/?q=TEC&q=list%3Aorg.oasis-open.lists.emergency-comment#query:TEC%20list%3Aorg.oasis-open.lists.emergency-comment+page:1+mid:ous2mvima4srwl44+state:results (from JD Hamilton)

I am using this email to acknowledge and respond to these comments. I hope this is sufficient since I am unable to comment directly on the JIRA TAB pages for each issue, nor can I send a response to each email comment via MarkMail (I can only view comments in that system).

I am copying the OASIS EM-TC since I plan to raise these issues and my response as outlined below at an upcoming TC meeting. I am also copying the EM-TEC subcommittee so that it can consider these comments when it develops the next version of the EDXL-TEC Client Registry Exchange specification (possibly at, or subsequent to, the time when it develops the companion EDXL-TEC Client Tracking Exchange specification). I'm also copying Ka-Ping Yee, the author of PFIF, in case he wishes to provide any responses to help guide the future work of the committees.

My responses;

Tony Mancuso

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