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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC call today: 12noonET



We will have our bi-weekly meeting today at noon ET, call in details are in Kavi.  There are several things coming up for a vote and your attendance is important.  Remember you must attend 3 out of 5 meetings to be eligible to vote.


Upcoming votes anticipated for the 12/30 meeting:

1.       Approval of Common Types, EDXL-GSF, and EDXL-CIQ.  Once approved there will be a special majority vote required for them to become Committee Specifications.  That will be done by electronic ballot.

2.       HAVE 2.0.  Vote for Committee Draft and Public Review Draft.

3.       Adapters for all specifications as available.

4.       CAP-AU Profile.


I’m looking forward to our participation.




Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Interoperability Member Section


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