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emergency message

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Subject: Groups - EIC_Meeting Agenda_8 Apr 2015_FINAL (2).pdf uploaded

Submitter's message
You are invited to the EIC meeting Wed April 8 from 2-4ET. There will be a presentation entitled:
"Nationwide All Hazards Backbone"

This presentation by Matt Kearn will cover the continuing need for and basic characteristics of a nationwide backbone to link operations centers in all-hazards scenarios. It will cover the main operational requirements, the types of operations centers involved, and the communications protocols required.

The dial-in details are included in the attachment.

-- Elysa Jones
Document Name: EIC_Meeting Agenda_8 Apr 2015_FINAL (2).pdf

Agenda for April 8 EIC meeting.
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Submitter: Elysa Jones
Group: OASIS Emergency Management TC
Folder: Emergency Interoperability Member Section
Date submitted: 2015-04-06 04:05:44

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