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emergency message

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Subject: CAP Profiles SC



I have heard from several of you regarding our planning meeting day/time.  We have a meeting scheduled today at 11ET for the purpose only of discussing date/time. 


From what I have heard, I think we will need to set dates a month at a time.  We will start with bi-weekly and make adjustments as necessary.  The Fri options were lease favored and the next TC Tues would not work at all for one participant.  Please consider non-EMTC Tuesdays at either 9-10ET or 11-12ET.  If you won’t be on the call, make sure you have voiced your preference on the list or to me in some form.  This will just be for May – so we could get in two meetings in May 5/12 and 5/26.



Elysa Jones, Chair

CAP Profiles SC


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