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Subject: HAVE Issues



After the HL7 conference last week and the excellent progress with TEP, I am eager to address the issues from our HAVE comments and move that work to HL7 also.  We have good interest in the HAVE endorsement that we hope to ballot in the next HL7 cycle.


I have reviewed the 22 issues, and they are not trivial as I had hoped.  Based on Darrel’s reports and reviews by others, I think the schema is sound.  These issues as he has described are not technical but “standardzy” and he does not feel comfortable to address.  After my review, I agree and would like for us to decide how to handle them.  The issues can be categorized as follows:


Issues 1-13 – broken links and updated references

Issue 14 – structure of the data dictionary

Issues 15-22 – conformance and references


I would like to invite anyone interested in helping get through these issues to a call Tues 3ET.  This is one hour earlier than the normally scheduled HAVE call.  We will walk through these one at a time and try to get these resolved.  Thank you for helping to finish this important work!



Elysa Jones


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