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Subject: Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC) 4 Nov 2-4ET



I will have the privilege to speak at the November meeting of the Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC) along with colleagues in Standards from three DHS organizations.  Phil Matteson will be the first featured presenter from the Science and Technology Directorate with the topic “The Need for Data Exchange Standards.”  Jeff Booth will be next from the First Responders Group with the topic “Next Gen First Responder Requirements” followed by an unnamed speaker from the Inter Agency Board (www.iab.gov). 


I will speak next as the Chair of the IAEM Standards and Practices Committee.  I will be joined by Elizabeth Klute, Northwest Regional Emergency Manager in charge of the Emergency Management & Corporate Security Department at the Amtrak Corp. She is the former local EM in charge of Warning for Contra Costa County, CA and Director of Disaster Management for the British Country of Anguilla in the Caribbean.  She is an  IAEM Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and participates actively in the S&P committee.  She is an early and longtime supporter of CAP and other EM standards.


I also have Yo (Xenophon) Gikas of LA County Fire on standby to say a few words regarding his experience with standards.  He is a longtime supporter of CAP and has spoken on panels with me over the years.  However, he is on call at that time and could be called away.


This is a virtual meeting next Wednesday, Nov 4 2-4ET with call in details on the agenda posted on the site at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency/download.php/56809/EIC%20Meeting%20Agenda%204%20Nov%202015_FINAL%20.docx.  This November meeting will draw a wide audience as I am reaching out to the practitioners that were influential in the requirements development process of the patient tracking work.  This was the work initiated at S&T ~2007.  I’ll be sure to bring that up for the benefit of the S&T folks on the panel. 


My remarks are going to speak to the patient tracking standards (TEP and HAVE) and the recent resolution of the National Association State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMO) .  You all are familiar with the standards but I want you to be aware of the recent resolution by the National Association of State Emergency Medical Officials (NASEMO) that is now released to the public and posted to our contributions folder at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency/download.php/56815/NASEMO%20Resolution.pdf .  Note the distribution on the second page. 


The audience varies but for the 10 years plus that we have been doing this, there is some participation from FEMA, S&T, NOAA/NWS as well as members of the OASIS EM-TC, IAEM, some vendors and some international.  I will be inviting the IAEM executive staff and current and future leadership also, so I’m hopeful there will be a decent turnout.  You are all welcomed to join this meeting. 




Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Interoperability Member Section

Mobile 256-694-8702


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