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emergency message

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Subject: Reminder - EMTC Meeting Today 12ET



Many thanks to Rex for taking the notes for the Jan 24 meeting.  I have edited them and posted as a rev on the site with tracked changes.  We will have our meeting today at noon ET.  I am again out of the country but will be able to attend and hope to count on Rex to again help with notes.  I will be on line and able to take attendance and update as needed.


Topics include:

1.       Attendance

2.       Review notes from Jan 24

3.       Notes from Chair

a.       Next EIC meeting Feb 15

b.      Discussion about JSON and its value to EDXL

c.       Adoption TC vs SC per Chet

d.      Request for support from OASIS MS StC for EDXL Workshop

4.       Subcommittee Reports

5.       Adoption

6.       Other business

7.       Adjourn


I look forward to seeing you all on the call!




Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Interoperability Member Section


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