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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-rim] Emergency TC's use of GitHub for open source licensed developer "software/code"

Thanks Robin,

It's good to have company and resources in our efforts and you have provided both in abundance! I hope we can carry this forward. I think we will.


On 3/29/2017 8:40 AM, Robin Cover wrote:
To: OASIS Emergency TC, Emergency-RIM Subcommittee

Summary: This note references the 2017-03-28 Meeting Notes of RIM-SC and a parallel discussion on the HAVE SC discussion list, where options for use of OASIS hosted GitHub repositories were discussed.   The note highlights the opportunity for the Emergency TC to sponsor one of more GitHub repositories for development of open source licensed content, including some of the software offerings mentioned in the Meeting Notes: Framework-Toolkit Components, Custom Validator(s), Libraries, Profiles, Reference Implementations, etc.  We think development of "running code", under any name [3], is one of the best ways to promote adoption of OASIS specifications.


The published Meeting Notes [1] report: "We discussed briefly the email conversation about OASIS policy on Subversion, GitHub and Jira that Rex started yesterday including expert pointers to OASIS policy documents from Robin Cover. We decided put it on the agenda for the next meeting of this SC and Elysa said it will be on the agenda for the next TC meeting, too"

On the one hand, OASIS does support any TC's use of GitHub, along wth Subversion/SVN, as part of version control for assets created by TC members [2]. A TC can request as many "TC GitHub repos" as needed, alongside use of SVN.   Advantages of GitHub over SVN include close integration of issues tracking and candidate change requests ("pull requests") and commenting ("conversations") in a single Web interface as part of version control workflow.

OASIS Open Repositories

But: in cases where OASIS TCs also want to encourage and support the development of (sic!) "software/code" [3]  to support prose specifications -- utilities, toolkits, parsers, validators, converters, APIs, test suites, reference implementations -- we also provide the hosting services for "OASIS Open Repositories", at TC request.  The Open Repositories are usually more suitable for "code" development because the supported licenses are optimal for open source: BSD-3-Clause License; Apache License v 2.0; CC-BY 2.0; Eclipse Public License v 1.0.

By contrast, the policies for TC member-only work (IPR Mode, TC Process, Feedback License, Copyright Notice constraints on "derivative work")  are not optimal for software and open source licensing.  Additionally, OASIS Open Repositories allow no-fee, full public participation as well as TC member participation.  Recruiting developers (free participation) may be a good initial step in recruitment of new Emergency TC members.

I have copied out the portion of RIM-SC Meeting Notes in which software delopment options were featured; as far as I know, all of these  development options would be good candidates for use of the OASIS hosted "Open Repositories"    RIM-SC Meeting Notes excerpted:

* Libraries for Microservices

- Jeff noted that he was attracted to the CAP Validator https://cap-validator.appspot.com/ by Google
[Online forms-baed "free service that checks the syntax of CAP XML messages and Atom, RSS and EDXL-DE feeds of CAP messages. It supports CAP v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2."

* Open Source Model

- Look at innovation in the open source arena for a model for grass roots adoption How did Linux do it? Apache? MySQL? How did Big Data get going once the need was understood?

* Custom Validator, Libraries, Profiles, Reference Implementations

- Think about working with Gary on an IPAWS model. We did the IPAWS Profile, so how can we build on that with perhaps a Custom Validator like the Google CAP Validator

- What would developers actually use? (If we build it, will they come?)

- What can we actually produce? (Libraries, Profiles, Reference Implementations, Database Schema, etc).

- Can we find a host for persisting any framework-toolkit components we produce? Is OASIS a good place for it

* Hosting framework-toolkit components

- Can we find a host for persisting any framework-toolkit components we produce? Is OASIS a good place for it?

Examples of OASIS Open Repositories [4] and the appliccable documentation [5] for TCs' sponsoring Open Repositories are provided below.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the use of Open Repositories for code development in support of Emergency TC prose specification development.

- Robin Cover

====== References ========

[1] Emergency Management RIM SC Meeting Notes


[2] GitHub for OASIS TC (Members' Only) work

* Governed by OASIS TC Process, IPR Policy

[3] On definition of "code" and "software" (versus "not-code")

No claim is made here about the usefulness of attempts to closely define what is "code" and what is "not-code" in connection with development of typical OASIS Work Products.  Under current TC Process rules, Work Products do often incorporate "code" and "code-like" elements [machine-readable files, including files of different types - Java code, XSLT and Schematron code, "batch" files, Perl code...] , even though the licensing for such code is often not optimal.  Some SSOs/SDOs support the use of licening (one single license) applicable to both "documents" (prose-like content) and "code/software".  See: https://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/2015/copyright-software-and-document

[4] OASIS Open Repositories (examples)

* Not governed by OASIS TC Process, IPR Policy; use CLAs and open source licenses

OASIS Open Repositories as Hosted (on org "oasis-open")

LegalDocML TC

[5] OASIS Open Repositories: Documentation

Robin Cover
OASIS, Director of Information Services

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
1361 Addison St. Apt. A
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-898-0670 

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