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emergency message

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Subject: FW: Proposed edit to EDXL-TEP-v1.1

I am forwarding this email and attachment to the emergency list on behalf of Tim Grapes.  Please review these changes needed for TEP 1.1 for discussion during our meeting 4/17/2018.

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From: Timothy Grapes <Tim.Grapes@ijis.org> 
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2018 2:20 PM
To: elysajones@yahoo.com
Subject: FW: Proposed edit to EDXL-TEP-v1.1
Importance: High

See the rejection notice below - could you forward this on my behalf?

We recently discovered references in this EDXL-TEP specification to TEP “1.0” which should have been changed to “1.1”.  Below are the sections for quick reference, and attached is a copy of the document showing these changes redlined.  For the moment I named the redlined document “edxl-tep-v1.1-cs02” until the committee decides on appropriate naming convention.  I would like to add this to tomorrow’s EM-TC agenda for review and vote.
1.11  Supporting Elements (non-normative)
1.11.1  Common Types
Supporting Element Types borrow re-usable elements from the EDXL Common Types (ct:) that apply to and support multiple areas of the TEP 1.0 messages, such as Location, PatientContact etc..

4	Conformance
An [XML 1.0] instance, referenced in section 1.5 Normative References, that begins with the <TEPMessage> as its root element is a conforming EDXL-TEP-v1.0 Message if and only if:
a) it meets the general requirements specified in Section 4;
b) its [namespace], referenced in section 1.5 Normative References, name is "urn:oasis:names:tc:emergency:edxl:tep:1.0", and it is valid according to the schema located at http://docs.oasis-open.org/emergency/edxl-tep-v1.0/edxl-tep-v1.0.xsd
c) its [namespace], referenced in section 1.5 Normative References name is "urn:oasis:names:tc:emergency:edxl:tep:1.0", and its content (which includes the content of each of its descendants) meets all the additional mandatory requirements provided in the specific subsection of Section 4 corresponding to the element’s name, as defined in Constraints.
Note: Only messages that fully comply with the EDXL-TEP specification and that are complete and schematically valid, may be referred to as a “TEP Message”.

Timothy Grapes
Lead Technical Architect
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44983 Knoll Square | Ashburn, VA |20147 IJIS Institute | Realize the Power of Information 

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