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emergency message

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Subject: Recall last email on TEP



I forwarded to the list what I thought was the corrected TEP 1.1 redlined version from Tim.  As we reviewed it in the meeting, we learned that this is not the version for you to review – so don’t spend any time on that.  There will be another coming out in the next several days that we want to be sure has all corrections that need to be made.  I would appreciate your time in that review as we will be going to committee specification and then ratification vote with that version.


We did advance the Common Types working raft 07 during our call today.  It was carefully reviewed during the RIM SC and is ready for TC admin.  You will be getting a ballot on that in the next several weeks. 


With both of these efforts going on, I wanted to be sure you were aware of the differences.


Best regards,


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