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Subject: FW: Introducing a Whole New Way to Use NIEM!



From: NIEM Program Management Office <information@niem.gov>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 10:07 AM
To: elysajones@yahoo.com
Subject: Introducing a Whole New Way to Use NIEM!



JSON Guidance Documentation Now Available

Attention JSON developers, NIEM developers, data scientists, and anyone considering using NIEM for your next data exchange project: Guidance and documentation on adopting _javascript_ Object Notation (JSON) as a second standard format for representing data based on the NIEM data model is now available at https://niem.github.io/json/.
Until recently, XML has been the single format for NIEM data. The JSON guidance provides you with a roadmap for using NIEM in a whole new way. We’ve created documentation that explains the purpose of NIEM, the reasons to use NIEM with JSON data, and key information for putting NIEM JSON into practice, including:

  • A NIEM JSON Tutorial
  • NIEM and JSON Frequently Asked Question
  • A NIEM JSON Reference Guide

Plus…There’s More to Come

NIEM JSON is a work in progress. Initiatives currently in the works include:

  • Technical specifications defining NIEM JSON conformance targets to accompany the existing NIEM XML conformance targets are in development.
  • The beta version of the NIEM JSON specification is anticipated to be ready for community review and feedback in May 2018.
  • Open source tools that will help developers switch between JSON and XML (and perhaps other serializations) by creating translators for runtime data and conversions for build-time artifacts are in the planning stages.

Tell Us What You Think

Your feedback and ideas are welcome at https://github.com/NIEM/NIEM.github.io/issues or by email at information@niem.gov.

NIEM Program Management Office

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