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emergency message

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Subject: Today's NIEM NBAC meeting

To the EM-TC,

Today I attended the monthly NIEM NBAC (NIEM Business Architecture Committee) call.

  • FYI the following is the agenda and the attachment was provided regarding agenda item #7. They did mention awareness of tools.niem.gov and other domain-specific registries.
    • The plan will be finalized during the NIEM face to face meeting
  • NIEM 4.1 has been approved.
  • NTAC (NIEM Technical Architecture Committee).  I am not aware of this committee or meeting schedule. Mr. Webb Roberts reported on their progress moving toward use of NIEM XML with JSON, and planned updates to the NIEM technical exchange specification. 
    • This will be covered in depth during the NIEM face to face meeting.
    • Developing a NIEM web page with Elements, definitions, a UML-type diagram, and the XML schema that defines the component (including other NIEM XML links and reference lists)
    • A link to review the web page can be found by emailing Webb.Roberts@gtri.gatech.edu
  • Reviewing “message translation” tools
  • The NIEM face to face is scheduled for October 31, 2018 at the GTRI facility in Arlington VA


Good Morning NBAC Stakeholders,

                Here is the agenda for today's teleconference.  Will you please dial in?  Teleconference: 1-877-952-6824   (Participant Code - 2919840#)     V/R, Ralph O


1.            Opening Remarks - Co-Chairs

2.            NEIM Face to Face (F2F) 29 October - 2 November (2 days NTAC, 1 day NTAC/NBAC, 2 days NBAC) -Notional F2F Agenda provide to collect NBAC recommendations - Co-Chairs

3.            NIEM 4.1 Release Approved - Way Ahead - Ms. Christina Medlin

2.            NIEM Model Content Viewer - Mr. Webb Roberts

4.            NTAC Update: IEPD Specification Update Way Ahead - Mr. Webb Roberts

5.            International Tiger Team - Mr. Kamran Atri, Mr. Thomas Krul

6.            Emerging Technologies Tiger Team (31 May) - Mr. Lain McNeill

7.            NIEM IEPD Registry - Mr. Mark Dotson (slides attached)

8.            Domain Highlights

                Immigration Domain - Mr. Luvisia Molenje

                Bureau of Census - Mr. Chris Carrino

9.            Closing Remarks - Co-Chairs, All


Next NBAC Monthly Meeting: 26 July 2018


Current NBAC distribution list:

Oconnell, Ralph M CIV JS J6 (US) <ralph.m.oconnell.civ@mail.mil>;  Jarrett, Stephen (sjarrett@usaid.gov);  Lucas (SES), Matthew (matthetl@dni.gov);  Steinke, Brad (BRAD.STEINKE@STATE.MN.US);  Tabarini, Carolyn (carolyn.tabarini@dhs.gov); Abramson, Michael (Michael.Abramson@dfo-mpo.gc.ca); Akhtar, Arjumand (aakhtar@e2zintegral.com); Akhtar, Arjumand (arjumand.akhtar@gmail.com); Algiere, Chris (Christopher.Algiere@firstnet.gov); Amster, Kim (kamster@e2zintegral.com); Angelo, David (david.angelo@associates.hq.dhs.gov); Apple, B G CIV USN (US) <benjamin.apple2@navy.mil>; Atri, Kamran (kamran.atri@cse-corp.com); Aziz, Ajmal (Ajmal.Aziz@hq.dhs.gov); Bapst-Stump, Christina (christina.bapst@hq.dhs.gov); Barlow, William J Jr CIV OSD DOD CIO (US) <william.j.barlow2.civ@mail.mil>; Bates, Jennifer (jennifer.bates@HQ.DHS.GOV); Bora, Shuchita (shuchita.bora@cse-corp.com); Bouaichi , Omar (Omar.E.Bouaichi@hud.gov); Boyd, John M (John.M.Boyd@ice.dhs.gov); Braun, John (John.E.Braun@associates.ice.dhs.gov); Brooks, Pat (pat.brooks@courts.mo.gov); Burkhart, Laura (laura.burkhart@gtri.gatech.edu); Butler, Jacqueline (Jacqueline.Butler@ocio.usda.gov); Carrino, Chris (christopher.n.carrino@census.gov); Chamberlin, Chris (chris.chamberlin@dhs.gov); Chatterjee, Ash (Ash.Chatterjee@HQ.DHS.GOV); Chipman, Charles (Charles.Chipman@gtri.gatech.edu); Chipman, Charles E CTR JS J6 (US) <charles.e.chipman.ctr@mail.mil>; Cochran, Cherie (CJIS) (FBI) (CCOCHRAN2@FBI.GOV); Cotter, Dan (SES) (daniel.cotter@HQ.DHS.GOV); Crow,, PhD, MS, PMP Dennis (Dennis.Crow@kcc.usda.gov); Cruz, Alma (Alma.Cruz@hq.dhs.gov); Dallas, Lynda B CIV OSD DOD CIO (US) <lynda.b.dallas.civ@mail.mil>; Demartin, Marco (mdemartin@irishealthsolutions.com); Dorr, Susan D (susandj2@dni.gov); Dotson, Mark R CTR JS J6 (US) <mark.r.dotson.ctr@mail.mil>; Edwards, Jana (jana.edwards@ice.dhs.gov); Embley, Paul (pembley@ncsc.org); Emergency Management Community Distribution (NIEM-EM-Facilitator@cse-corp.com); Federal Health Architecture (OS/ONC) (Federal.Health@hhs.gov); Freed, Thomas (Thomas.Freed@ice.dhs.gov); Garwood, Chase (Chase.Garwood@hq.dhs.gov); Gembara, Albert (agembara@usaid.gov); Golaszewski, Mark (Mark.Golaszewski@firstnet.gov); Grace, Heather D CIV JS J6 (US) <heather.d.grace2.civ@mail.mil>; Graves, William R CIV USARMY PEO IEWS (US) <william.r.graves4.civ@mail.mil>; Greeves, Bob (bob.greeves@gmail.com); Greeves, Bob (rgreeves@ncja.org); Hardnett, Charles (Charles.Hardnett@firstnet.gov); Hardy, David F CTR JS J6 (US) <david.f.hardy2.ctr@mail.mil>; Harris, Katrina (Katrina.b.harris@hud.gov); Hebert, CJ (CJ.Hebert@vermont.gov); Heintz, Timothy C (CTR) (Timothy.C.Heintz@associates.ice.dhs.gov); Intelligence Community Distribution (IC-standards-support@iarpa.gov); Jemio, Marcel (Marcel.Jemio@opm.gov); Jones, Bobby - OCIO (Bobby.Jones@ocio.usda.gov); Kalbfleisch, Gail A. (OS/ONC) (Gail.Kalbfleisch@hhs.gov); Kish, Jennifer (Jennifer.Kish@hq.dhs.gov); Klucznik, Frank W CTR JS J6 (US) <frank.w.klucznik.ctr@mail.mil>; Kondannagari, Vamsikrishna (vkondannagari@e2zintegral.com); Krul, Thomas (PS/SP) (thomas.krul@canada.ca); Lilienfeld, Maura (Maura.lilienfeld@hud.gov); Louis, Shunda R CTR (US) <shunda.r.louis.ctr@mail.mil>; Malik, AJ (amalik@irishealthsolutions.com); Mance, Peter (pmance@e2zintegral.com); Mannes, Geeta (ACF) (geeta.mannes@acf.hhs.gov); Markland, Shula (Shula.Markland@hud.gov); Martis, Melson (CTR) (melson.martis@associates.hq.dhs.gov); Mccoy, Rodney A CIV JS J6 (US) <rodney.a.mccoy.civ@mail.mil>; McMullen, Robert (ROBERT.P.MCMULLEN@cbp.dhs.gov); McNeill, Lain (lain.mcneill@cse-corp.com); Medlin, Christina (Christina.Medlin@gtri.gatech.edu); Messalle, Renee (RENEE.MESSALLE@cbp.dhs.gov); Molenje, Luvisia M (CTR) (luvisia.m.molenje@uscis.dhs.gov); Morgan, Daniel (OST) (daniel.morgan@dot.gov); Nguyen, Luan (luan.nguyen@crimtrac.gov.au); Pasley, Benjamin (Benjamin.J.Pasley@associates.ice.dhs.gov); Perbix, Mark (Mark@search.org); Perez, Tonya (tonya.m.perez@cbp.dhs.gov); Pustejovsky, Brandon (bpustejovsky@usaid.gov); Radlinski, Tate J CIV USN DCNO N2N6 (US) <tate.radlinski@navy.mil>; Raza, Jafer (jraza@e2zintegral.com); Reimel, Douglas (douglas.reimel@hq.dhs.gov); Reyes, Jose (Jose.I.Reyes@associates.ice.dhs.gov); Roberts, Webb (Webb.Roberts@gtri.gatech.edu); Ross, Curtis (curtis.ross@hq.dhs.gov); Ryan, Cait (cryan@irishealthsolutions.com); Sardesai, Shailesh (SHAILESH.S.SARDESAI@cbp.dhs.gov); Schultz, Ryan R CIV JS J6 (US) <ryan.r.schultz.civ@mail.mil>; Seifert, Katherine (Katherine.Seifert@HQ.DHS.GOV); Sessa, Michael (michael.sessa@pesc.org); Shahidi, Shawn (Shawn.Shahidi@firstnet.gov); Shindelar, Stacey (stacey.l.shindelar@hud.gov); Shunda Louis (Louis_Shunda@bah.com); Silhol, Kate (ksilhol@nlets.org); Singh, Subeera (subeera.singh@icf.com); Stathakis, Jennifer (CJIS) (FBI) (jstathakis@fbi.gov); Stephens, Diane (Fed) (diane.stephens@nist.gov); Thompson, Scott (asthompson@usaid.gov) <masthompson@usaid.gov>; Traver, Christopher (ACF) (Christopher.Traver@acf.hhs.gov); Troutman, Phillip D (Phillip.D.Troutman@ice.dhs.gov); Tullia, Thomas (thomas.tullia@HQ.DHS.GOV); Vafa, Amin (VafaA@state.gov); Varnado, Russell D (russell.d.varnado@hud.gov); Wallace, Mya (Mya.s.wallace@hud.gov); Wan, Dorothy (ACF) (Dorothy.Wan@ACF.hhs.gov); Wandelt, John F. (John.Wandelt@gtri.gatech.edu); Weldon, Dennis (DWeldon@iir.com); Wimer, Cathy (catherine.wimer@ic.fbi.gov); Winkowski, Dan (winkowsk@mitre.org); Yonkers, Steve (steve.yonkers@hq.dhs.gov)






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