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emergency message

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Subject: Happy New Year - meeting reminders

Dear Friends,


Happy New Year to all!  Thank you for your continued work on the important standards supporting the emergency management community.


Emergency Management Technical Committee.  We did not have our quorum for the EMTC meeting 1/8/2019.  I hope you will be able to join us for the next meeting on Jan 22 where we will review/correct/approve the notes from Nov 27 and discuss our plans for the new year.  One item we have tabled until we have sufficient participation is the consensus by the CAP SC to differ into the distant future any plans to work on CAP 2.0.  See CAP-SC notes for details.  We may discuss/vote on that topic on the 1/22 call.  We will also discuss how we get the statements of use for HAVE 2.0 and TEP so we can begin the formal OASIS ratification of these committee specifications.


Common Alerting Protocol Subcommittee.  Please note that the CAP subcommittee will resume 2019 bi-weekly meetings tomorrow, Friday Jan 11.  There is a NEW time to enable our European members easier access.  The new time is 11EST. 


Emergency Adoption Technical Committee.  Our Adoption committee meets on non-EMTC Tuesdays.  We will begin discussing plans for an EDXL workshop at the fall IAEM annual meeting.  The hope is to have a full day during one of the training days prior to the conference.  We will discuss the many publication opportunities to advertise our work prior to that time.  See Kavi for details on meeting times.


Have a wonderful day,


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee


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