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emergency message

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Subject: Groups - EDXL-HAVE-v2.0-WD05.zip uploaded

Submitter's message
EDXL-HAVE-v2.0-WD05.zip contains the files ready to be reviewed by the TC and considered for Approval as a new Committee Specification with Non-Material Changes in the meeting scheduled for 05 March 2019. The changes consist of removing the word "Proposed" from the HL7 portion of the Title, changing the work product designation from "Committee Specification" to "Working Draft 05" in the title and in the footer and changing the date in both the title and in the footer, and adding a new row in Appendix C Revisions to reflect this change. Please review and, if no new changes are found to be needed, be ready to approve a TC Admin Request (for)a Special Majority Vote to approve a CS with Non-Material Changes
-- Rex Brooks
Document Name: EDXL-HAVE-v2.0-WD05.zip

No description provided.
Download Latest Revision
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Submitter: Rex Brooks
Group: OASIS Emergency Management TC
Folder: Specifications
Date submitted: 2019-03-04 09:04:55

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