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Subject: Virtual CAP Workshop Next Week



As you know next week is the week for the CAP workshop.  Details can be found at https://preparecenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/cap-workshop-2020-information-note.pdf.  The workshop website link will point you to list of the participants, speakers and program.  You can also download any of the presentations.  All sessions will be held through the ZOOM webinar feature.


With the workshop being virtual this year, we have now over 830 attendees and 133 countries represented!! This is very exciting and I am sure you will want to tune in.  As stated in the information note, you need to email Eliot Christian with your desire to attend.


There will be several speakers from our OASIS family:

OASIS Executive Director Guy Martin will do the welcome speech during the first session on Tuesday

EMTC Member company Google will present on “CAP in Google” Tuesday

Long time EMTC member DHS/FEMA/IPAWS will have Mark Lucero present on Wednesday

EMTC Member Joel Myhre of the Pacific Disaster Center will present on Wednesday

EMTC Member from MeteoAlarm Andreas Schaffhauser will present on Wednesday

New EMTC member Umberto Rosini from the Italian Civil Protection Department will present on Wednesday

As Chair of the EMTC since 2004 I will be presenting on Wednesday


There will also be many other presentations of interest.  Our host is the ITU and other sponsors from IAEM, WMO, and the IFRC.


The train the trainers CAP workshop will be held on Monday 9/28 1330-1630 CEST (0730-1030 EDT) with the full workshop on Tues and Wed 9/29-9/30 1230-1730 CEST (0630-1130 EDT).


Many thanks to Eliot Christian for his tireless advocacy for CAP around the world who organizes and puts so much into this workshop each year.


Since the workshop will end a half hour before our regularly scheduled EMTC biweekly call.  We will hold our call as planned.  However, stay tuned to the calendar for any updates.  We may have a ZOOM account to offer for our meetings going forward.


Best regards,


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee


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