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emergency message

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Subject: EMTC Meetings in 2021



Happy New Year!


We made some changes to our meeting schedule in the first meeting of the year.  It was decided that the EMTC meetings will now be monthly based on vote of the committee in our first meeting of 2021.  This will allow members more time to focus on the work of the subcommittees.  The meeting will always be on a Tuesday.  It was agreed that we would have these during the same week as the Fri CAP SC which is bi-weekly.  We also wish to have the meeting prior to the EIC meeting which is generally in the middle of the month.  Therefore this meeting will sometimes be the second or third week of the month.  For Feb and March it is the second Tuesday but that will change during the year.   As the RIM and CAP Subcommittees meet in the same week, this meeting will directly follow the RIM.


I will put out a reminder and make adjustments in the Kavi calendar as needed.


Best regards,


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee



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