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Subject: Acknowledgements Appendix of the Event Terms Committee Note


As chair of the EMTC, I offer the file found at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-cap/download.php/69133/Event%20Terms%20CN%20Acknowledgments.docx for consideration as Appendix A of the Event Terms Committee Note (CN).  The CN is in final review in the CAP-SC with a vote anticipated tomorrow 10/8.  It will then be provided to the EMTC for a vote 10/12.  Please take the time to review the document and provide any comments prior to or during these meetings. 


Regarding the “Acknowledgement” Appendix, we typically include the members of the EMTC.  If for any reason you do NOT wish to be included, please let me know ASAP. 


JIRA ticket#176 was opened for updates to the Acknowledgement Appendix.  The document referenced above is provided for your review.  The following is a summary of the choices made for inclusion.  Please reply to this email or me directly if you have any questions or comments.


  • Began with an appreciation for the CAP-SC chair and editors
  • Listed CAP-SC members with Chair at first followed by voting members (active members at the time of this writing) then remaining CAP SC members.  There are no “observers”
  • Added a “Special Thanks” (A.1) section to acknowledge Frank Bell for his assistance
  • Updated the EMTC list (A.2) as pulled from the EMTC Roster.  “Observers” and OASIS staff contacts are not included.
  • Guidance was requested from OASIS staff regarding particular non-member acknowledgement.  Chet pointed to the template guidance document regarding “Acknowledgements”.  The referenced document is developed using that guidance.


Thank you,


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee


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