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Subject: FW: CAP as a Dynamic Feature Layer via Esri GIS

Please review for our discussion on the EMTC and CAP calls this week. Elysa


From: eliot.j.christian@alert-hub.org <eliot.j.christian@alert-hub.org>
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2022 10:30 AM
To: elysajones@yahoo.com
Subject: CAP as a Dynamic Feature Layer via Esri GIS


Dear Elysa Jones,

CAP alerts in near-real-time are provided from over 100 CAP feed sources so far. These CAP alerts are easily displayed on a simple map, such as this at the WMO Alert Hub or this at the IFRC Alert Hub. 

More advanced capabilities could be enabled if these near-real-time CAP alerts were available as Features within a Geographic Information System (GIS). In addition to deeper analysis and geofencing, the world's CAP emergency alerts could be more easily related to a vast range of other relevant layers, such as the freely available layers in the Esri Living Atlas. I guess many organizations involved in Emergency Alerting would be excited to exploit these GIS capabilities, especially those already reliant on Esri-based data, such as ArcGIS "shape files".

Back in September, Esri issued a new release of CAP Connector, the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server tool for ingesting CAP alerts from an Internet news feed. CAPConnector can ingest RSS feeds from Filtered Alert Hub, such as the all-inclusive "unfiltered" feed or the high-priority, public alerts from official sources feed, among others. (I am told it is also possible to configure CAPConnector to ingest CAP alerts directly from the "Rabbit Message Queue".)

Esri has donated to us the necessary licenses for ArcGIS Enterprise and GeoEvent Server. We anticipate a cloud services company will soon donate the cloud credits for operations.

Please let me know if OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee would like to help us configure and deploy CAP Connector for this purpose, or to be involved in other ways with this exciting opportunity. Also, please forward this message to anyone else who might be interested.



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