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Subject: FW: 2023 CAP Implementation Workshop, Program Committee

Friends and Colleagues,


Dates are set for the CAP workshop 2023. OASIS will again be a co-sponsor and I am on the program committee. This is just the first informational flyer but wanted to get it out to you soonest.Â


Best, Elysa


From: Eliot Christian <eliot.j.christian@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2023 3:26 AM
To: Armstrong, Beth <barmstrong@asmii.net>; Nathan Cooper <nathan.cooper@ifrc.org>; Vanessa Gray <vanessa.gray@itu.int>; Elysa Jones <ElysaJones@yahoo.com>; Cyrille Honorà <chonore@wmo.int>
Subject: 2023 CAP Implementation Workshop, Program Committee


Thanks to each of you for agreeing to be a member of the Program Committee for the 2023 CAP Implementation Workshop. 


The Workshop will be held 11-12 October, with a Training Day on 10 October. Both events are being hosted by IFRC at its headquarters in Geneva.


My current draft of the Workshop website is at https://cap-workshop.alert-hub.org/2023/index.html As usual, the website links to several other draft documents. In particular, please review and comment on the 2023 Flyer and the 2023 Call for Participation


I would like to begin mass mailings of the Call for Participation in early February. I think the schedule was too short last year, especially in light of the long visa application process for some countries.


There are still some matters to be worked out, such as who might be willing to provide a Webinar service (Zoom, MS Teams, ...) for the three days. Also, I suppose WMO SG will send an announcement to all WMO Members, as has been the custom for many years.


I look forward to hearing from you.







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